A toast to Berners Bay, acrobatic porpoises, curious sea lions, and orcas

We’re tied to a float in Couverden, not too far from Glacier Bay, after a great day of sailing. So far, we’ve been spoiled with sunshine and spectacular wildlife viewing.

As we watched the sun set on Tuesday, harbor porpoises jumped entirely out of the water next to our boat, and one feisty porpoise did a flying cartwheel for us (this, for you Juneau folks, was right in Auke Rec, where we anchored after a day of bobbing with no wind). The next day, we took advantage of a fair wind and sailed up to Berners Bay for one last farewell salute to Lion’s Head Mountain. Dall’s porpoises torpedoed in front of the boat, showing us their white sides as they skimmed just below the surface. We toasted Berners Bay–roadless and wild–and our recent victory in the Juneau Access road litigation that we hope will help to keep it that way, before we turned into the wind to head back to Saint James Bay. Curious sea lions followed us and played behind the boat.

Today we sailed from Hand Troller’s Cove, on Shelter Island, in a strong wind and choppy seas. As Rob wrestled to shorten the sails while we rounded Point Retreat on Admiralty Island, we saw a fin, taller than me, rise through the waves as a giant bull orca surfed through the chop toward us. Four other orcas skimmed the waves nearby with Eagle Glacier in the background. The same group of orcas, with intimidating fins standing high above the waves, swam our way again a couple of tacks later, much to our delight. A group of four humpbacks came our way later on, and one slapped its tail with a resounding boom.

Life is good, and unemployment is treating us well.

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  1. Yay! Thanks for the frequent updates; I’m LOVING them. Miss you two! Wave to Jeremy when you roll by Hoonah – he’s over there this weekend-

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