Frequently-Asked Questions

So why’d you name your boat Toyatte?

Toyatte was a Tlingit who helped to lead John Muir and his cronies around southeast Alaska, and, in particular, brought them to Glacier Bay.  Toyatte was dubbed the captain of the voyage because he was the one with the boat and the skills to guide the group safely through the narrow channels of southeast, and it’s clear that he was respected, by both his own people and by Muir.  He died trying to stop a skirmish between his own clan and an enemy clan, and Muir named one of the glaciers in Glacier Bay for Toyatte.  We hope that a little bit of the spirit of adventure, the sense of place and roots in Alaska, the beauty of the Alaskan landscape, and the spirit of a great captain will carry over to our boat with the name.  John Muir’s Travels in Alaska tells Toyatte’s story in much more detail (and it’s a great read).

What kind of boat do you have?

She’s a Westsail 32, and we think she’s really stunning.

What’s a Telltale?

Telltales are short pieces of yarn that you attach to the sails on a sailboat.  You use the telltales to help you steer the boat to make the best use of the wind.  We’ll be doing a lot of telltale-watching and a lot of telling tales as we wander through the wind.

Where are you going?

Plans keep changing… We started in Alaska, worked our way south through the Pacific Ocean to New Zealand, and now we’re heading back home to Alaska, probably by way of Russia. Here’s the map:

Where we've been and where we're heading
Where we’ve been and where we’re heading

How many crew do you have on board?

We have Capitan Rob, Kate the First Mate, Colin the Auto-Pilot, Ramona the Monkey, and Kirby and Sloko the Packrafts.

How many of your crew are real people?

Just two of us, I guess.  Rob and Kate.

So, why are you doing this?

Well, which do you think sounds like more fun: sailing in the sunshine, or sitting at your desk working all day?

Do you have enough warm clothes?

Yes, mom, we’re pretty well covered on clothing.

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