Made it!

Pleasant crossing in light winds. No terrifyimg seas or big gusts, but we did get to enjoy three Pacific white-sided dolphins speeding past the boat right at the start. We’re sleepy after our 4am start, but excited to explore local culture tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “Made it!”

  1. Be sure to take lots of photos of the wildlife and the land for those of us who have to experience what you’re seeing vicariously. I read on a website that the islands got internet, so no excuses for not writing (except that there is so much to see and do)!

    1. We looked for these alleged chanterelles, but all we found were 2 tiny funnel chanterelles and 2 even smaller hedgehogs. But we spent most of our time in the park on the south end, and we think the berries are probably in the fully clearcut northern end. We got skunked on berries as well (okay, Queen Charlotte was a berry haven, but further south there were none). Deer were introduced to Haida Gwaii and, as there are no wolves and there’s no hunting in Gwaii Haanas, they have no natural predators and are thriving. They’ve decimated the berries and all other undergrowth, and may also be snagging the mushrooms. Or perhaps the squirrels, which were introduced as well, are stealing the mushrooms. Or, a nice lady from Vancouver told us they don’t come out until November around here. In any event, our only real disappointment in Haida Gwaii was the failure to find any mushrooms. They do have acres of beach asparagus, however. And it is kinda pretty.

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