Photos from Wari Island

A couple of weeks ago, someone from Wari, a tiny island in Papua New Guinea found my blog and asked me if I had any other photos of Wari Island, so I’m posting them today.  Wari Island, along with many other islands in Milne Bay, was hit by a particularly fierce hurricane last year.  We were in Wari Island last November, a few months before the hurricane hit.  We met some very welcoming, kind people in Wari who showed us their island and fed us lots of fresh mangoes.  Our friends in these photos took us for a hike to the top of the island and told us many stories.  We learned a lot about local culture and made many friends.

According to news reports, Wari was already suffering a food shortage when the hurricane hit, so they were struggling after it hit.  It has been quite awhile, so we hope that they have rebuilt their homes and that their gardens have recovered by now, but I think some things, like the yams, can take awhile.  We do not know how to contact anyone from Wari Island, so we do not know how they are doing now, but we have thought about them, as well as all of the other wonderful people we met in the islands, many times.

So, here are some photos of your island.  I hope that you find them.  Thank you for your message!

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