Sittin’ in Sitka

We made it to Sitka, dropped off Rob’s brother and sister-in-law, and are watching frantic fishing boat activity in the harbor across from our anchorage while we dodge a deluge of rain. Over the past couple of weeks, we toured Glacier Bay, saw beautiful brown bears, black bears, a black wolf, a couple of moose, more breaching whales (and whales doing cool, whapping, spinning mule kicks with their tails), sea otters, puffins, porpoises, sea lions, kittiwakes, and lots of other birds. We made a trip to visit the Toyatte Glacier, and then had a great time packrafting the Beartrack River (it was perfect- I laughed the whole way down the river). On our way to Pelican for refueling, we had a man overboard, but we got him safely back on the boat before his lips even turned blue (no, Rob was not the man overboard). After that, we peeked around the outer coast to the open Pacific Ocean and had no wind, a lot of nausea-inducing bouncing in waves, and our first sighting of black-footed albatrosses sweeping over the waves and circling the boat. This week, we tried less successfully to float Fish Creek after bushwhacking up to the Fish Bay hot springs, soaked in Goddard Hot Springs (yep, that’s 3 hot spring soaks in less than a month), and last night, Rob caught us his first king salmon as we were cruising back into Sitka Sound from a day of sunny views of Mt. Edgecumbe. Delicious! The past month would probably have been a great month for a paddling trip on the outer coast, as the wind has been “light and variable,” but we had a couple of days of great sailing in there, and the forecast tells us it’s going to kick up quite a bit over the next couple of days. Will post photos when we have a chance.

One thought on “Sittin’ in Sitka”

  1. I was wondering if this journey had begun and how far you guys had made it. I’m very happy to read that you are enjoying yourselves and are relatively safe 🙂
    For an FYI to Rob, since he may not read his email regularly, I’m going to be having a kid around Thanksgiving. So he shouldn’t act surprised when the next time I see him I have a strange child along.
    Continued good luck on your journey you two. Live it up! 🙂

    And email me an idea for something helpful and how I would get it to you. I never sent you guys a bon’ voyage gift.

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