Sunny in Glacier Bay, and a breakdancing whale

A mere 11 days after leaving Juneau, we’ve made our way to Glacier Bay, after relaxing in the hot springs at Neka Bay, near Hoonah, yesterday. There’s a real live cedar plank hot tub 9 miles into the woods at Neka Bay, so we ran to the hotsprings (for those of you who know Rob, I’d like to note that I beat him on the run, which I think is my highest lifetime achievement to date, even if we weren’t technically racing, and I’m sure it will never happen again since he’s reading this over my shoulder), soaked, then meandered back to the boat. We highly recommend the hot springs.

It’s been raucous sailing the last couple of days–either 12 knots or 25, depending on whether you believe our anemometer or all of the other nearby observations. But Toyatte is sailing beautifully with more wind and we are enjoying the sunshine (now that we are off the boat wandering around Bartlett Cove for awhile–the boat, on the other hand, is bucking wildly at anchor and we’re hoping it mellows out by bedtime). Today we dodged a sea otter, which was cleverly disguised as a log. Just as we were remarking, “that log is deceptively sea otter-like,” the log woke up, frazzled (but very cute), and jumped underwater. It turns out when the logs have heads and feet, they really are sea otters. Next, a humpback surprised us, at uncomfortably close quarters. While we bounced through the waves, the whale performed graceful breaches and elegant tailspins, playing in the surf. Later, a black bear cruised along the beach, then swam through a tide rip. We think we’ve managed most of the must-see Alaska wildlife experiences already and we’ve barely left home.

Rob’s brother and sister-in-law meet us here tomorrow, so we’re off to dodge icebergs in Glacier Bay.

7 thoughts on “Sunny in Glacier Bay, and a breakdancing whale”

  1. You are giving me an acute case of wanderlust. Although so far, that just means Caroline and I are getting better use out of our new bike trailer.

  2. I am so glad you are doing these updates. Our hair will grey at a much slower rate this way.
    It does all sound beautiful and I am so glad you’ve had some SUNSHINE.
    Sure hope you found that brother and sister-in-law of Rob’s!!!!
    Take care of each other!

  3. Wow-amazing things to see. Save some things for Nick and me to see when we come next month! What do you want me to bring–hot cocoa mix, tea, chocolate chip cookies, any pharmacy items? I’ll be checking my bag and think I’ll have plenty of room since I don’t plan to bring but a couple of changes of clothing.

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